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Reduce the spreading of COVID-19 virus with clear and visible signage displayed

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Floor Marker Signs

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Clearly inform staff and visitors of the social distancing  measurements in place

Health and Safety Signs

Occupational health and safety signs are an essential feature of the modern workplace in the UK. Whether building better working conditions when returning from lockdowns or maintaining good protocols for the benefit of your employees and clients, our extensive range of online products, with ISO 7010 compliant symbols, will provide the perfect solution.

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Occupational Safety Signs for Every Modern Workplace

Health and safety signs are required in most UK workplaces. From factories, construction sites and warehouses to shop floors and offices, occupational hazards are inevitable. Our comprehensive range of occupational health and safety signs covers every type of sign that you may require and need to buy for the workplace, such as:

  • Fire safety signs that clearly mark all escape routes and exits.
  • Mandatory signs to provide clear instructions to workers and visitors.
  • Prohibition signs to stop people from causing safety risks.
  • Safe condition signs ranging from assembly points to appointed persons.
  • Warning signs to inform users of potential hazards in the workplace.

All symbols are ISO 7010 compliant, and each collection covers a wide range of designs, including various Covid-compliant products, to provide clear instructions quickly and efficiently, to ensure that your workplace maintains safe working conditions for all – whether you have a team of five workers or 500!

Prevention is always the best form of protection. Health and safety signs for the workplace ensure that the best protocols are established and always followed.

The Importance of Health and Safety Signs for the Workplace

Adding health and safety signs to the workplace isn’t simply one of those responsibilities that need to be ticked off the checklist. In truth, their value to the working environment is huge. With the right choice of signage, you will unlock a host of benefits for your staff, visitors, and business as a whole. They include, but are not limited to: fake watch

  • Spread the message clearly and effectively, without language barriers.
  • Display your commitment as an employer to health and safety.
  • Cultivate a more conscious approach to safety across the team.
  • Actively reduce the number of accidents and violations in the workplace.
  • Satisfy your legal obligations and remove potential injury claims.

Whether it’s mandatory signs or Covid-specific warnings, it doesn’t matter. The addition of occupational signs will indirectly boost efficiency, productivity, and the general atmosphere around the company. All of these factors can subsequently boost your bottom line.

Above all else, it will satisfy your human responsibility to protect employees and visitors to your premises.

3 Legislative Benefits of our Safety signs

1.  All signs are compliant with legislative requirements enforced by the HSE (Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999). The Regulations require employers to ensure that safety signs are provided (or in place) and maintained. Signs will be used in circumstances where there is a significant risk to health and safety that has not been removed or controlled by other methods.

2. Our safety signs are designed to meet the UK and EU legislation (BS 5499 & 92/58 EEC). The signboards provide information and instructions by a combination of shape, colour, symbols or pictograms. Many signboards are accompanied by supplementary text, eg ‘Fire Exit’, ‘CCTV in operation’

3. Signs comply with the ISO 7010 standards for all the graphical symbols on hazard, warning signs, prohibition, mandatory and emergency signs. ISO 7010 is intended to provide “safety information that relies as little as possible on the use of words to achieve understanding. Signs are clearly visible, draws attention and are easy to understand; most importantly, if used efficiently they help to save lives.

Health and Safety Signs You Can Rely On!

When you buy health and safety signs online, you need to know that the products you receive will be up to the task. Choosing 3Signs will remove any concerns you may have regarding these issues. When you buy from our extensive range of products, you can be sure that you are:

  • Buying from a UK supplier that only sells items that comply with all regulations.
  • Getting ISO 7010 compliant symbols.
  • Guaranteed to have products made from the highest-grade materials.
  • Getting the best price regardless of unit volumes.
  • Guaranteed a quick delivery as well as a fair returns policy.
  • Blessed with access to customer care before, during, and after the purchase.

Our team of dedicated and passionate experts have helped hundreds of businesses with their safe condition signs and related needs. Whether opening a new location or investing in the health and safety of an existing one, we’re here to help.

To find out more, give us a call on 01305 303123 or check out our full list of products online.

We keep up-to-date with any changes that may occur to ensure we meet the requirements. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any advice.

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