In the UK, many people have jobs in establishments with a high danger of fire. All establishments must have sufficient fire safety signs and symbols on display for the protection of both employees and members of the public. These signs indicate the locations of fire escapes and firefighting equipment, as well as any potential fire dangers, and they also forbid activities that can start a fire. You can visit 3 Signs if you are looking for fire safety signs.

For all employers and employees, it is essential and mandated by law that they have a solid grasp of the types of fire safety signs and symbols that are needed and what they mean. We have created a brief guide on the fire safety signs needed by UK law and the rules governing them as a result.

What are the UK Regulations on Fire Safety?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, usually known as the RRO, outlines workplace regulations pertaining to fire safety in the UK. Not just fire safety signs and symbols are covered by this piece of law; all facets of fire safety are.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 provide specific regulations about signs. The following guidelines should be followed at workplaces in accordance with this legislation:

  • Marking escape routes and exits with visible and effective fire safety signage is required.
  • Fire exits and doors need to be well marked.
  • There must be signage along the escape path.
  • Each and every fire safety sign must be lighted.
  • Arrows in the direction of travel should be included on escape route signs.
  • There should be no arrows on emergency escape signs posted above fire doors.
  • Every indicator for a fire escape should be visual.
  • There should also be Braille and tactile fire safety signs.
  • Signage needs to be at the right height and visible from a distance.
  • Employees should get fire extinguisher training.
  • The location’s fire alarm system should be known to the staff.
  • The proper procedures for responding to a fire should be taught to employees.
  • Every piece of firefighting gear needs to be identifiable.

What are the fire safety signs?

The purpose of fire safety signs is to inform the public, warn of dangers, or offer safety information. Signs and symbols for fire safety are available in a variety of hues, including red, green, yellow, and blue. Fire safety signs frequently have photoluminescent properties to make them visible through smoke or in low light. In case you are looking for fire point signs, you can visit 3 Signs.