If you’re running a business, there are a variety of hazards that may occur as a result. Some of these can and should be avoided. In other cases, it’s not possible to eliminate the hazard, and you instead need to inform people of the risk that was created. This is the purpose of safety signs.

In order to ensure that you’re properly marking any hazards in your business, you need to follow the guidelines enacted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Below, you’ll learn some of the things you may want to know about HSE safety signs compliance. Specifically, we’ll discuss why safety signs are important, what kinds of signs you might put up, and how you can be sure you’re following HSE safety sign guidelines.

Why Do You Need To Put Up Safety Signs?

There are a number of situations for which safety signs are required. In some cases, they prohibit certain behaviors, while in other cases they demand following certain safety precautions. Safety signs can also inform people that there’s a certain hazard that needs to be avoided, or they can guide people towards safety exits if an event requires them to leave a building swiftly.

These signs are ultimately designed to protect people, and they’re created with uniform colours and symbols to be as clear as possible.

Do You Always Need a Physical Sign?

There may be some situations where you don’t need a physical sign. Depending on the situation, it may be better to have someone at the location directing people away from the hazard, or you might even have a recorded voice relay the instructions.

That said, these methods tend to be more costly than putting up a safety sign, so you will need to determine what makes sense for both the situation and your business.

How Can I Be Sure I’m Following HSE Guidelines?

If you think you may be responsible for putting up a safety sign, we recommend consulting the HSE Regulations Handbook.

This guidebook goes into much greater detail regarding when you are responsible for putting up signs, as well as giving you guidance for how the signs should be placed. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the guidebook, you may find it useful to speak with a safety sign expert.

Looking for High-Quality, Affordable Safety Signs?

3 Signs has you covered. For years, we’ve been working to help businesses comply with HSE guidelines by providing safety signs that are high-quality while also being affordable. All of our signs are ISO 7010 compliant, which means that they align with the legally required standardization of hazard symbols.

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