Electrical safety signs, signals, and electric shock signs are essential for avoiding electrical risks. Everyone must be aware of their meanings in order to be careful of potential dangers.

What do electrical signs and signals mean?

Electrical safety signs and signals, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), are identifiable symbols that warn of or indicate potential electrical risks linked with a site or goods. Images, keywords, forms, phrases, and statements are examples. These can be found on walls, boards, buildings, doors, machinery, equipment, transportation, and roadways, among other places. The backgrounds are bold and stylized. They must provide useful information and serve as essential reminders for unskilled personnel and people in general.


There are four main categories.
    • Emergency
    • Mandatory
    • Warning
    • Prohibition

According to the GHS (Hazards Communication Standards) System, there are nine types of signals, eight of which must be installed in the workplace.

According to safety rules, each category has its own distinct color and sign form, which is applied consistently over the world.

Emergency (Green Colour)

These electric shock signs are rectangular or square in form. With a white graphic on a green backdrop. Emergency exits, escape routes, and first aid packs are all marked with this symbol.

Mandatory (Blue Colour)

On a blue background, they are round-shaped white or yellow images. Instruct students to wash their hands and use a safety harness or glasses.

Warning (Yellow Colour)

Electric shock signs with a yellow backdrop and a triangular form with a black edge and a black picture. These provide alerts for shocks, magnetic fields, and other hazards.

Prohibition (Red Colour)

The graphic is black on a white backdrop with a red edge and a red diagonal line. These signals contain instructions such as “do not touch,” “do not enter,” “have no access,” “do not use mobile,” and so on.

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