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  • Fire assembly point signs are vital for instructing both staff and visitors on necessary actions in the event of a fire while they are on the premises.
  • Our safety signs come in various sizes to accommodate different viewing distances
  • Additionally, these signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use when affixed to smooth, dry, and clean surfaces.
  • Moreover, all signs and symbols are fully compliant with the latest EU and UK regulations, including BS EN ISO 7010.

Employers are obliged to minimise workplace risks to the most practical extent by implementing preventive measures, which include providing first aid guidance. Employers should also collaborate with any other employers or contractors who share the workplace to ensure the health and safety of all individuals.

Safety signage offers a simple and effective means of informing employees, visitors, or customers about all potential risks. These risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Any potential hazardous risks
  • Restricted areas or actions
  • Obligatory actions to be taken
  • Identifies emergency or fire exits
  • Provides guidance to staff and the public for a safe evacuation
  • Indicates the locations of first aid facilities

All signage produced by 3 Signs complies with the latest EU and UK legislation, including BS EN ISO7010. That means the colors and symbols displayed on the safety signs are easy to recognize by most people without the need to fully reading the sign.

Safety signs should be prominently placed in high-traffic areas to ensure the maximum impact.

Construction signs are both obligatory and indispensable for conveying your site's safety regulations to employees, subcontractors, visitors, and the general public.

These signs must feature clear, easily decipherable symbols that can be comprehended by individuals of all ages and those who may not speak English.

Legal requirements mandate the visible display of pertinent signage to communicate site restrictions and provide guidance, thereby enhancing safety and reducing potential hazards at the construction site.

All our construction signs are meticulously designed with these principles in mind, ensuring that they are easy to read and understand, ultimately prioritizing the safety of both visitors and workers.

If you have any custom requirements for your construction site, please get in touch.

For custom requirements just get in touch and one of our graphic designers will be glad to help*.
*custom artwork subject to a minimum order value of £50.

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1mm Rigid Plastic, Self-Adhesive Vinyl



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