Safety signage is a ubiquitous feature of workplaces across the UK. No matter whether your place of work is an office, a construction site, or a warehouse, you need safety signs around your workplace for staying safe and compliant with the law. Safety signs and symbols not only inform the presence of hazards, but also help create safety awareness of workers.

Safety signage for office plays a vital role in keeping workplaces safe and free from injuries or accidents. Putting up safety signs plays a vital role in warning workers and visitors of the various dangers present in workplace or industrial site. Signs can prevent work-related deaths, substance contamination, and help you safeguard your business against lawsuits. They alert the workforce of prospective hazards as well as help identify emergency equipment to reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Below we have put down all you need to know about safety signage.

Importance Of Safety Signage For Office  

In the UK, every employer has the legal responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. Employers have the obligation to protect the health, safety, and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their work activities. Having an effective visual communication strategy i.e. safety signs is, therefore, the key.

Workplace safety signs assist in the communication of vital instructions, reinforce safety messages, and provide vital orders for emergency situations. Often, it is recommended for employers to institute a company-wide policy when it comes to smoking at the workplace. Displaying no smoking signs in UK throughout the workplace can help you understand that smoking will not be tolerated on the company grounds outside the specified smoking area.

7 Main Types Of Fire Safety Signage

  1. Warning Sign

Warning signage communicates the presence of hazards – perhaps hazardous chemicals or dangerous machinery. For instance, warning signs may be put outside the storeroom of a chemical manufacturing factory that contains dangerous liquids. These signs consist of an icon on a yellow background with text in black along with a black triangle.

  1. Mandatory Sign

Mandatory fire signage provides specific instructions that are necessary to be carried out at every workplace. These signs are designed to protect occupants and indicate that some protective gear or behaviour is required on the premises. While the icons are in white upturned via a blue circle, the text is black on a white backdrop.

  1. Safe Condition Sign

These signs are designed for providing information about an action workers might need to take for their own safety. Common uses for safe condition signage include marking locations of first aid kits, fire exits, and fire assembly points to deal with an emergency and escape the building.

  1. Prohibition Sign

Fire prohibition sign indicates a behaviour or action that isn’t permitted in the workplace. These signs are shown as a red circle with a red slash over a black icon of the action. Usually, the text is black on a white background. Some common examples of prohibition signage include – ‘no smoking’ and ‘no entry’.

  1. Fire Equipment Sign

Usually, fire equipment signage is red and white, marking the locations of alarm panels, fire extinguishers, blankets, and other fire-fighting aids.

  1. Emergency Sign

Another must-have sign at any workplace is emergency sign. Emergency signage indicates the directions or locations to emergency facilities. These signs feature a white text or symbol on a green background.

  1. General Information Sign

Safety information sign communicates information that’s purely general and often refers to logistics, housekeeping, or company practices. General information signage is displayed to provide further instructions and include information like “directional text or arrows” to expand on adjacent notices.

Final Thoughts:

Occupational safety signs are a crucial component of every modern workplace in the UK. Safety signs and symbols play a huge part in ensuring the best protocols are always followed. Rely on 3Signs for occupational safety signage for office and unlock a host of benefits for your workforce, visitors, and business.