Safety signs are mandatory in every workplace, and for a good reason. By efficiently informing about the dos and don’ts of specific areas, signs and symbols help prevent accidents, injuries and even death.

Designed to be simple, straightforward and self-explanatory, the language of safety signs is not a tricky one to comprehend. So, what different types of safety signs can be found around the UK?

Safety symbols are divided into four main categories: prohibition, warning, mandatory and emergency. Each type is represented by a typical colour and shape.

Red is for prohibition or danger. Prohibition signs take the form of thick circles with a diagonal line in the middle over a depiction of forbidden behaviour – for example, crossed-out doors on “no exit” signs. Signs which are red and rectangular point to fire-fighting equipment.

Hazard and warning signs usually tell you what precautions to take via the form of a yellow/amber triangle. The eye-catching yellow and black combo provides a warning or instructions for how to avoid danger. One iconic example is the lightning bolt featured on electrical warning signs and symbols.

A calming shade of blue is reserved for mandatory signs. These signs instruct their viewer to take a specific action – for example, a white stickman on a blue background can direct us to the correct pedestrian route, while face mask signs are there to remind us of vital safety precautions.

No staircase, lift, corridor or building would be complete without emergency signs. Usually green and oblong, emergency safety signs point out escape routes, doors and fire exits. They also tell us where to find emergency facilities like first aid stations.

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