Basically, trips happen due to loss of balance after being foot struck with something unwanted. In most situations, individual trips aren’t visible as messy equipment, uneven edges, and cables. A trip hazard sign can ensure to prevent unwanted accidents, which are quite common incidents in the workplace. As trip hazards can also result in uncountable injuries each year, which include musculoskeletal and cuts among the other most common accidents.

You can’t work in a safer environment if people aren’t allowed to move around independently. Using trip hazard signs in such a workplace is mandatory, where people are performing physical work and are concerned to avoid accidents. Due to the lack of illumination, scattered machinery, cables, poor housekeeping, and obstructed views – accidents are quite a common happening.

So, let’s look for –

Basic Safety Controls To Avoid Trip Hazards:

By implementing policies in the workplace to control accidents, the frequency of trips can be significantly reduced. In case you need to work under time constraints as an employee, which may cause rushes at work, or pay minimum attention to risky situations, make sure to stay aware of the safety procedures and skills to avoid accidents. Having a trip hazard sign used at your workplace can make you all conscious of the danger that happens. So, the following points you need to check as a priority –

  • Training

That’s important to train your employees with proper education on avoiding trip hazards. A trip hazard training will also enable workers to be more aware of the risk involved at work and safety measures to prevent accidents.

  • Better Housekeeping

It’s the first step to avoiding trip hazards, and maintaining a good workplace will guarantee safety at the workstation for everyone. So, look for devoted housekeepers to do the best maintenance job.

  • Electric Cable And Material Management

It’s significant to avoid the use of extension cables (as much as possible) at the workplace, which can cause unwanted accidents. And also, employees need to get education on material management to keep things secured and prevent the risks of incidents in the workplace. You further need to maintain proper working surfaces at the office to prevent trip hazards.

  • Trip Hazard Sign

trip hazard sign serves as a warning to avoid possible trip dangers. It doesn’t take the role of maintaining personal safety but helps to communicate the right safety guidelines to maintain at your workplace. It further helps people to stay enough careful while performing risky jobs.

  • Illumination

The lack of proper illumination in the workplace can increase the chances of accidents, which one can avoid by using clean stairs or walkways. In case your employees are working at the night-time, make sure to keep your space well lit by turns to enable them to see what surrounds them while working around at the workstation.

Responsibilities of Employers To Prevent Trip Hazards At The Workplace:

Employers do have a responsibility to control and manage workplace safety at any cost. So, they have to do the following responsibilities are mandatory –

  • To daily visit the workplace and conduct risk examinations at the workplace.
  • It’s vital to conduct periodic audits of material and waste management in the workstation.
  • To train employees with workplace safety guidelines.
  • To keep high standards and cleanliness at the site.
  • To monitor workplace conditions and ensure necessary steps are taken to avoid trip hazards.

In addition to employers, employees at a workplace also need to stay aware of risky conditions and work attentively to avoid the chances of accidents.

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