Look around in any public place – chances are you’ll spot at least one colourful shape, covered with words or illustrations. It may be a traffic control sign instructing you to use a different footpath, a banner proclaiming a smoking ban inside a restaurant, or the currently omnipresent coronavirus signage reminding you to put on your mask before entering a store.

Safety symbols are an incredibly effective and vital form of communication, the unsung heroes of public health and security.

Visual symbols offer a much more efficient way of obtaining vital information compared to getting the same instructions verbally. Safety signs are an easily comprehensible language of standardised colour-coded designs and shapes. This allows them to exceed language barriers, which can come in handy in international environments.

Messages conveyed by safety signs are incredibly important in workplaces and public spaces. Hazard and warning signs ensure the safety of employees and the public by preventing accidents and misunderstandings. Such signs may warn about dangers and prohibited actions (such as a “no running” sign in a swimming pool area) or draw attention to whatever protective measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of everyone present – i.e. ‘your phone must be put into airplane mode upon boarding”.

By informing about the presence of danger, safety symbols help prevent injuries and death in heavy industry and office environments alike. This makes them indispensable and thus legally mandatory in most workplaces.

If you want to up your business’ safety game, our team at 3signs is here to help. We can set you up with the most suitable safety symbols, from your standard mandatory signs (e.g., widely required prohibition signs, warning signs, or fire safety signs) to more specific custom ones – always in compliance with the latest regulations.

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